The Space
Mister Jiu’s is designed to be a calm but lively and comfortable environment, optimizing natural light and sustainable materials. The interior space is being designed by renowned architecture firm Boor Bridges [Sightglass, Trou Normand, The Mill] in collaboration with Method, a leading design firm specializing in brand experience and customer service touch- points. The combination of architectural expertise and a customer-centric approach to design will lead to a unique and well-curated dining experience not offered by our competitors.

The Lease
Mister Jiu’s LLC has leased an approximately 10,000 sq. foot space
at 731 Grant Avenue. The lease expires October 2019 with three 5 year options (total of 20 years). The terms of the lease are favorable and exceedingly below market rate. The length of the lease also gives Mister Jiu’s LLC an asset which, given the rapid growth of the neighborhood, might ultimately have significant value on its own.

San Francisco boasts more than 40 of these mini public parks housed in former parking spaces around the city. While many parklets are hosted and maintained by nearby cafes, these public spaces are open to everyone. Having designed 3 parklets in the city, Boor Bridges will design a parklet
for Mister Jiu’s that will bolster the restaurant’s visual presence on Waverly Lane. Mister Jiu’s will host the first parklet in Chinatown, providing a space on premise where customers can wait for their reservation or casually eat take out food from the bar. As a public space, the parklet will serve as a resting place for tourists navigating the steep streets of San Francisco, or a meeting place for neighbors to share a pot of tea or
a game of mahjong.